Buyer Agency TipsBuyer Agency Tips

If you are a buyer or an agency, we want you to be aware of certain things that can improve your experience. Here’s few important buyer agency tips that can make entire process seamless and most importantly successful:

How to extend your bid deadlines

Be sure to remember, you can extend your bid deadlines if you don’t have the required vendor bids within 24-48 hours prior to the deadline. Below are easy steps to extend your deadlines if you’re not getting enough bids Here is how you do it:

  1. Login and open the specific solicitation and click on the Revise Dates and Times box.
  2. Change to your new dates/times and then click on Complete Deadline Revisions. The new date and time will be shown on the solicitation.
  3. Be sure to send out an addendum notifying the vendors of the change. This sometimes gets an extra bid or two as vendors assume if you are extending the time, there may not be enough bidders. They may not win but submitting their bid will help you with your requirements.

 Utilizing the Post Bid Deadline Notice

Once a solicitation reaches or passes its deadline, be sure and utilize the Post Bid Deadline Notice to communicate information to the vendors who have submitted bids.

The two notifications most utilized are “here are the bidders along with their pricing that was submitted” and “we will be making a decision on the winning bidder/s at an approximate date (so don’t bother me????)

Award Notice

Don’t forget to utilize the Award Notice whether a Hard Copy Response or an Online Response, once you have decided on the winning bidder/s. This finalizes the bidding process and makes sure all vendors know the results. Whether you award the Solicitation online, or not, be sure to archive the Solicitation to clean up your Buyers Workbench.

  1. To do this open the specific Solicitation and
  2. Click on the Archive this Solicitation Box.
  3. This will clean up your workbench along with allowing you to post a copy of the Solicitation back on your draft area from the Archive area.

Shipping Addresses (Located on the Software Menu):

Don’t forget to create multiple Shipping Addresses. One address could be for your office where documents are delivered, or services provided. Others could be where goods are delivered to a warehouse. You can also add in developments where goods and services are to be delivered or provided. Once these are input, you can select one as a default that automatically fills in for you when you are creating solicitations. You will also have a link to the other Shipping Addresses to select. This will save you some time typing in the Shipping Address when creating the solicitation 

Manage Users (Located on the Software Menu) – just for Site Administrators):

This is where you can add & delete users of the Marketplace. Sometimes when changes take place within the department the Site Administrator can remove or add users. If you remove, it will ask you “who you wish to take over their work?” If you add a person, it will send them an email notification with a password so they can login and look around. You can either train that person, or have them set up an online training time with support

If you have any questions about these buyer agency tips, please contact customer support at  1-866-526-9266. 

Be sure to email us with any suggestions on how to make the Marketplace more user-friendly.

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